The author

Hi, I’m Nsukami, you’re actually browsing my personal website.

I’m a just a soul whose intentions are good. Sometimes, I fix problems and get things done using free software.

From 2010 to 2016, I’ve been employed by Soon S.A to work on improving and maintaining AfricaFilms.tv, an e-commerce and VOD platform promoting African movies. Sadly, the project is under re-construction, if you’re interested, you can browse the youtube page. This position has enabled me to sharpen my skills in web development and system administration. I’ve led small teams of developers, as well as provided support to clients. I’ve learned real life software development.

During 2017, I’ve been working within the dev team behind Xbus, maintaining Vialegal, LesEchosEVENTS and LesEchosETUDES, 3 e-commerce platforms where I was dealing with things like Buildout, Make, Docker, Django, Hugo, Drone, Sentry, …

From february to june 2018, I was working on brief.eco and brief.me, 2 platforms providing a selection of news via a daily e-mail selecting and summing up the most relevant pieces of news. Tech I was dealing with: Python, Django, Ansible, Make, Chargify, Nginx, Postgresql, …

Since october 2018, I’m migrating software components from Python2 to Python3 at LogiLab. Over there, I spent a lot of time with Mercurial (no more Git), Tox, Pytest, Flake8.

I’ve also spent a lot of time helping grow the Linux and Python communities in Senegal. I gave lots and lots of talks, lots and lots of workshops. Not only in Dakar, but also in many differents cities in Senegal.

Finally, I’m proud to tell you that I was a PyCon speaker during the 2019 PyCon Africa

The author again

Born and raised in Gabon, coming from Democratic Republic of Congo, I’m living in Dakar Senegal, where I work as a freelance. In this website I will generally talk about software engineering and geeky recreations.

The reason

This space will be an attempt to share, what in my humble opinion, could be interesting – whatever I am thinking about or working on. Hopefully, somebody will find these posts helpful. At least, it will be a way for me to keep notes, to have something to refer to later. It will also be a way for me to open the conversation, and to learn from you. As long as they’re on topic, emails and comments are welcome.

The tools

Browsing this page would not be possible without free/open source software, and some great services.

The shoulders of giants I’m standing on

My servers, my laptop, the software components I develop, everything is written/done/configured using free software. That is possible because of the hard work of thousands of free software developers around the world.

I am convinced, a simple thank you goes a long way. I would like to take one moment, to send gigantic hugs to all of the authors, maintainers, and all the actors contributing to free software all over the universe.

Special thanks and hugs sent to all the contributors of:

You made my life better. Thank you very much.

Let’s talk

I would love to hear from you! You can reach me by email: ptrck at nskm dot xyz. I also wander a lot on Mastodon. And depending on the current mood, I sometimes hang around in the #emacsfr_channel on Freenode.

Thank you for reading.