Operating System

If I use this list as a reference, I would say I am around 65% good at Linux. Configuring a DNS or a Mail server is still something I'm struggling with. But I'm using Linux since 2007, I know how to find my ways around my OS.

My first Linux distribution was Mandriva, installed in 2006. Then, I installed Debian somewhere around 12 years ago. Since then, I have tried countless of other Linux distributions, but my main distribution has always been Debian and all the derivatives.

Text editor

My first Linux distribution was Mandriva, installed in 2006. And if I remember correctly, Emacs was present right at the end of the installation. Since then, I never really tried to use another text editor. Have you heard about Magit ? Have you heard about the Emacs restclient? Have you heard about System crafters ? Have you heard about Mu4e ?

Version control

Version control is a system that records changes to a file or set of files over time so that you can recall specific versions later and blablabla ... I'm using Git most of the time, and I know how to play with Mercurial.


As a web developer, I've used relational databases for storing all the data model (users, permissions, products, prices, orders, ...) Here is an introductory class I gave few years ago, I admit that this content needs to be updated.

As a web developer, I've done a lot of data model design. I ask, lots of questions to the client. I try to understand how the product is supposed to work and what will be the informations that needs to be stored ? What are the relations between those different types of informations ? For each informations, what should be the attributes ? For each attributes, what should be the correct types, the correct constraints ? Most of this work is done on a whiteboard and in many iterations.

Database of choice is SQLite (and nowdays, I spend lots of time reading about DuckDB). For anything else, I use PostgreSQL.

Command line interface

I use Bash as a shell. I keep a lot of small utilities to ease my life on a computer. My terminal multiplexer of choice is Tmux. If you don't know about Tmux, please do yourself a favor, and go read about it.

Reading news?

Besides spending lots of time browsing Mastodon, here is a list of some of the places where I find interesting informations:

Youtube channels?

Today, YouTube has become the most popular platform for anyone who wants to learn anything revolving around programming. A lot of valuable knowledge is shared. Here is a list of channels I usually visit for tech news:

Above, you've just discovered what is a mostly comprehensive list of the tools that I use regularly for my work.