Just a way for you to discover other interesting people. Enjoy!


Nourou is actually working on an interesting topic: the relationships that may exists between the rows (or between the columns) of a matrix. But also how those relationships may influence the result of any data analysis that may be done on this matrix. He’s also one of the brilliant minds trying to build the Dakar Institute of Technology.

Moctar Diallo

Moctar is my little brother, passionate about mathematics, computer science, and of course, everything related to machine learning, deep learning, artificial intelligence. He smiles when he solves problems, nobody know why. Please check his profile.


Enock, is a free & open source advocate and trainer. As you can see, three keywords about him are: FOSS4G, FLOSS, Open Data. He contributed to projects such as WikiData, OpenStreetMap, Wikipedia. He is also among the PyCON Africa 2019 speakers. I saw him do interesting things with GIS.

Mister Diallo

Mamadou is also a free & open source advocate. But he’s also really good with electronics, in fact, he spend most of his time in his fablab, playing with 3D printing, robots, micro controlers, sensors, etc … Everytime I have a problem with my circuits, I just ask him for help.


Romaric, intelligent, amazing, awesome guy. Passionate about everything he does. Currently tackling one of the biggest challenges in Africa: no addresses. By the way, right now, he’s hiring a Python developer.


Alassane’s motto is to help as many people as possible. To reach that goal, he did many things. Among others, he founded “Métisse de l’Empire”, to run activities that will generate incomes for non-profit organizations involved in social issues around Senegal. He’s also one of the people behind l’Empire des enfants, a non-profit that tries to help underprivileged/abandoned children.


Ahmadou is a statistical consultant and R enthusiast, I mean really. I have seen him tell amazing stories with datas. He’s a huge fan of free software, he swears only by ArchLinux, Emacs, & Org-mode. He told me once Julia is definitely the language he plans to use extensively in the next couple of months.


Agatevure is an Android Developer, and she’s definitely an amazing UI/UX designer and whenever possible, she also write articles. When she’s not doing software development, she builds communities and help organizing tech events.


Ousseynou describes himself as a Full stack Developer & Python Lover. I’ve heard lots of things about this guy. I’ve heard he’s a good guy, I’ve heard he’s the one trying to launch PythonSenegal. To know more about him, just follow this link.


Thomas is a self-taught software engineer by sheer passion and hard, dedicated work. Thomas is interested in FOSS, Embedded systems, AI, and Machine Learning. He’s also a star Wars geek.


Fode is defintely an amazing guy. He’s the one behind Wolofy, a Wolof search engine for anybody who does not know how to spell Wolof vocabulary. He’s also the one behind this: a Dakar based Bitcoin user group. And right now, he’s witnessing the Bitcoin adoption at El Salvador.


AI teacher & consultant, social entrepreneur, lead datascientist at Air Sénégal, president at GalsenAI. He also host a podcastphew. Definitely a polarizing figure in the Dakar tech scene since the past few months.

Abdoul Karim Cisse

Abdoul Karim aka the Cloud Guru is senior software engineer. Everytime we discuss, it’s always about AWS, Kubernetes, Cloud…. Anything related to software architecture, and software infrastructure. He definitely loves coding, solving problems, breaking things down, hacking. Please check his profile

Babacar Thiam

Babacar is very sympathetic guy I’ve met few years ago during an Install Party. He was really community driven, always ready to help, always ready to share, to give advices etc… He’s always a fervent advocate for the free software movement. When he does not help organize events, he build houses. I mean, from the very start, conception and drawings, with things like ArchiCAD (by the way, he knows all the CAD software), to the implementation: civil engineering. His website is a little bit old school, but you definitely needs to collaborate with him.


Hassane is an independent consultant. He says he loves Rust, Ruby, Go, Elixir, Haskell, Elm and JS. He’s also one of the leads behind Dakar Ruby. And you’ll find more about his tutorials here


I had a chance to discuss with Guillaume, it was nice talking with him. He’s really passionate about, free software, open source software and data privacy. You definitely need to read about his configuration (hardware and software) as a software engineer.


Orbifx, the Nature’s emissary, but not only. He also does lots of interesting things with OCaml, with emails and with robots. You may find him on XMPP. He is the one who convinced me to write this and this. OCaml is this thing I really want to learn but… arf.